Sales Dogs Myth 4

Myth 4 

I’ve been in sales my whole life—there’s nothing I don’t know. 

Fact 4 

The world we live in today is not the same as the one we lived in yesterday  and is different again from the one we’ll live in tomorrow. Never in history  has change been so rapid. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow,  so the successful SalesDog MUST keep learning to stay ahead of the pack. 

SalesDogs teaches a mindset that will give you the mental and  emotional edge to win. It is an education of skills, techniques and  strategies that will accelerate your sales efforts. 

And even old SalesDogs can become competitive again—if they are  committed to learning and growing. All dogs can hunt—some have just  forgotten how because they are overfed and lack exercise. The dogs that can’t  hunt are simply victims of their own ego and lack of desire to keep learning,  growing and adopting new skills. Those dogs can’t compete anymore with  the young pups on the street. To keep up you have to keep learning. 

SalesDogs takes both a serious and an irreverent view of ourselves.  There is a “dog” in each of us. And there is also a jewel. SalesDogs is an  attempt to teach you to see both. 

Through a bit of humor, powerful personal development training, and  many breakthrough techniques, SalesDogs is designed to elevate you to be  as strong as you want to be, solely for the advantage of yourself and others.  The more you serve, the more you are rewarded. 

SalesDogs will make any type of selling easier. You will learn to  recognize yourself for the SalesDog you are so you can leverage your talent  into cash. It will also teach you the best sales skills, mental skills and emotional skills from the other breeds so you can enhance your natural  talents and be the leader of the pack. 

SalesDogs is a methodology that helps you to uncover and capitalize  on your strengths. 

Sales is a true personal development journey. Everything that you  learn about selling, about people, about presenting, about marketing,  about handling objections will put cash directly in your pocket. You learn  every day about who you really are and what you are made of. 

What an adventure! 

A true SalesDog knows that enthusiasm, energy and good training can  only translate into personal satisfaction and cash! This book is your own  personal training program toward a richer, happier, more enjoyable life. The  more you read it, the more you will sell and the more fun it will become. 

So let’s go hunting.

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