Five Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend DAO LLCs

So, what exactly is a DAO? A DAO is a new entity form that stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. What’s unique about them is how they can be managed. Like other entities, individual members can manage DAOs. What makes them different is that they can also be managed by a smart contract on the blockchain ledger. […]

Playing the Credit Game

Dewey liked to play the angles. If there was an opportunity for him to take advantage of a situation or of someone else he would do so. Especially if it meant easy money without the need for work. Recently, Dewey had turned to new credit card and bank account deals. The FBI called it identity […]

You dreamed of running your own business — and now you do.

Excerpt from Veil Not Fail by Garrett Sutton ESQ. You purchased a small home and turned it into a rental property. You appreciate that renting out real estate does constitute a business and you’ve got a couple of successful years under your belt. You’re feeling confident. From the beginning, you tried to do everything right. […]